Why Digital?

Why a digital billboard?

  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Community Dialogue
  • High Reach
  • Innovation
  • Cost Effective


Customize and adapt your digital program to meet time-sensitive needs. Have a custom program for morning, noon and night.


Ability to react to what works. Eliminates time and printing costs! Customize a program for different days of the week!

Community Dialogue

Build ongoing interactive relationships with consumers by creating intrigue and anticipation.

High Reach

High impact location(s) is/are strategically placed throughout our market.


This new technology is transforming the industry into the most flexible and responsive of all advertising platforms.

Cost Effective

The average CPM of this media is much less than other mass media — newspaper $25, television $15, radio $10 and Digital Outdoor $3. NO more vinyl production costs for changing messages and no more high production costs for broadcast media.

Dynamic Content Ideas

  • Headlines
  • Sports Scores
  • Time/Temperature/Traffic
  • Pictures
  • Upcoming Events


We can lift headlines from websites. Great for news organizations to post real time information next to their logo or brand. As the website headline changes, so does the digital billboard creative. If top headlines are not available from your site other sources are available for us to include vital and relevant information. Some topics may include headlines, business, real estate, entertainment,
health, travel, politics, among many others.

Sports Scores

Sports radio, sports bars, sports drinks or other related businesses can automatically post scores from various games.


A modern approach to an older idea. Show up-to-the-
minute time, today’s forecast or current road conditions.

Great for any brand and a sure crowd pleaser.


If you have visual information that is automatically posted on a website, for instance the progress of a new business location, digital billboards can dynamically lift those pictures and include them in your creative execution. As drivers and pedestrians pass by the RJS Digital billboards, they will see the progression over time, making this a tremendous interest builder.

Upcoming Events

Have a venue where events are constantly being updated?
New acts? New artists? New shows? Movie theaters, concert venues and a host of other businesses can benefit by having new information posted dynamically.

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